While OneDrive gives you extended storage space in Windows 10, sometimes it may have issues during its operation. One such issue is the 0x8007016a error code.

Here’s a summary of everything you need to know about OneDrive error 0x8007016a in Windows 10.

What is OneDrive Error 0x8007016a?

Error 0x8007016a is an unexpected OneDrive error that users encounter when they try to move or delete files and folders located in the Windows 10 OneDrive folder. Error code 0x8007016a is usually accompanied by the following message:

“Error 0x8007016A. This Cloud File Provider Is Not Working.”


“Error 0x8007016A: This Cloud File Provider Is Not Running.”

Error 0x8007016a

While OneDrive one driver allows you to store files or folders and perform other functions like deleting, moving, or editing the files and folders, this error prevents you from accessing OneDrive.

Most users report that error 0x8007016a occurs after an update to the new version of OneDrive app in Windows 10. This error indicates that OneDrive is not working or the files are temporarily inaccessible.

In many cases, when error 0x8007016a occurs, it prevents users from using some Microsoft Office Suite features and functions, such as Copy, Cut, and Paste.

How do I Fix Error Code 0x8007016a?

Error 0x8007016a can prevent you from accessing your files and folders. If you’ve encountered the ‘Error 0x8007016a cloud file provider is not working on your PC, try the solutions below to solve the issue:

  • Restart your computer.
  • Switch off Windows 10 Power Plan (if applicable). For example, turn off the power save.
  • Uninstall the buggy Window 10 Update.
  • Disable the Files On-Demand feature on OneDrive.
  • Manually resume OneDrive syncing if it is disabled.
  • Run an SFC scan to repair corrupted system files.
  • Delete system junk to delete corrupted or glitched files or folders in OneDrive.
  • Reset OneDrive.
  • Uninstall and reinstall OneDrive.
  • Update Windows 10 to the most recent build.
Customize a power plan

If you’re not sure how to carry out these fixes and want a detailed step-by-step guide, find the solutions here: How to Fix the Error 0x8007016A on Windows 10.

What Causes Error Code 0x8007016a?

Many users report that error 0x8007016a occurs after updating OneDrive to the newer version. But since the OneDrive update doesn’t come as a standalone update, it is possible that other factors are triggering the error, such as:

  • A bad Windows 10 Update Installed on the PC: Many users have reported that bad Windows 10 Updates cause the OneDrive auto-sync to fail completely.
  • OneDrive’s ‘File On-Demand Feature’ has been enabled: Enabling the File On-Demand feature has been reported to cause the failure in OneDrive’s function with error code 0x8007016a.
  • OneDrive Syncing is disabled: You may have disabled OneDriver syncing knowingly or unknowingly, or this might have been done by a third-party tool.
  • Malware infection in your computer system.
  • Corrupted files or folders in OneDrive.
  • A computer power plan, such as Power Saver, has disabled OneDrive, limiting the syncing feature and making it inaccessible.
  • Poor Internet connection: since OneDriver uses an Internet connection, an unstable or poor internet connection can prevent you from accessing your files and documents in the OneDrive folder

Knowing what has caused the 0x8007016a error you’re experiencing is important. This way, you will know what steps to undertake to get rid of the error.

What do I do when I Encounter OneDrive Error 0x8007016a?

When you encounter error 0x8007016a, your first course of action should be to check if you have access to the Internet. Although OneDrive allows users to save space on their devices, it makes the documents and files available online only.

However, you can see some key files offline if you turn on the Files On-Demand feature.
However, the File on Demand feature is also prone to causing errors in OneDrive, including error 0x8007016a.

Final Word

OneDrive is an important online cloud service that expands your PC storage. If you notice any error when using this application, like error 0x8007016a, you need to take immediate steps to fix it.

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